From my origins on the family farm in Northeast Montana circa 1970s, I have always loved beef jerky; but had to settle for mediocre brands. Finally, in 1994 while in the U.S. Navy after a failed 20+ year search for a great tasting beef jerky snack to re-fuel my body after exhaustive Marathon and Triathlon workouts, I became a Jerkyologist and went about creating the perfect recipe.

The name was dubbed by my friends because I’m known for being adventurous and trying anything once; however crazy it may be.  Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane not once, but twice.  Scuba Diving.  Marathons. Triathlons.  Cycling 100 miles up the coast of Oahu, and traveling throughout the world underwater while stationed on a nuclear submarine to name a few.

I’m passionate about life and passionate about the quality of my product. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoy creating it! Happy Snacking!