In case you were wondering...

How did you really get the name Crazy Mike?

At the local bar one day, my friends contemplated a name for my home brew (you should’ve seen the smoke coming out of their ears as they thought and thought)!  A few (or several) beers later, they unanimously agreed upon Crazy Mike’s because I’m known for being adventurous and trying anything once, however crazy it may be.  Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane not once, but twice.  Scuba Diving.  Marathons. Triathlons.  Cycling 100 miles up the coast of Oahu.  And traveling throughout the world underwater while stationed on a nuclear submarine to name a few.  I liked the name (they really didn’t give me a choice) so my home brew became Crazy Mike’s Homebrew!  I just carried over the name to my beef jerky.  Now you know the “rest of the story!”

Why FREE Shipping*, are you Crazy?

Duh!  Crazy Mike's wants to make shopping easy!  What is easier than not having to worry about how much you're going to get gouged on shipping costs?  Nothing is more frustrating with online shopping than the "surprise" at the end of your checkout process that shows an excessive shipping cost! So, we offer FREE shipping (*United States only, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) on all individual orders and on each Jerky of the Month Club shipment. Please contact Mike if you need an international shipment.

Is Jerkynemia really a thing?

Of course - not!  It's a made up thing!  Perhaps one day they'll add it to the Oxford Dictionary though?!  Until then, you can use the term as the diagnosis for "lack of eating high-quality, great tasting beef jerky"!  

I want more Crazy Mike's; how do I change my subscription?

Contact Crazy Mike on the Contact page and we'd be happy to modify your subscription!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes indeed!  Our 4-pack sampler is 10% off, the 16-packs are 20% off and by subscribing to the Jerky of the Month Club, you get a 5% discount with a monthly subscription, a 10% discount with a 6-month subscription, and a 15% discount with a 12-month subscription.

Additionally, we will be advertising various promotional discounts throughout the year via email, social media and promotional pop-ups on this website.

Do you sell Wholesale?

Not only wholesale, but wholesale direct so you avoid the middleman! Contact Crazy Mike for details.